Sandpoint Writers on the Lake
Idaho Writers' League - Sandpoint Chapter

We’re a friendly bunch; we love to write; we write a lot. Come join us


Writing or aspiring to write? You may find your place in the sun at the local chapter of Idaho Writers’ League Sandpoint ‘Writers on the Lake’ Chapter.

We meet at 9:00 a.m. on the first and third Saturdays at the East Bonner County Library, the corner of Division and Cedar, or 1407 Cedar Street in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Poke your head in the door of Room 102. That’s right. The one with the sign that says “Sandpoint Chapter of Idaho Writers’ League.” There’ll be a bunch of people inside. Come on in. We’ll smile and say ‘hi.’ We gather twice a month around a table talking writing, making plans, crowing about what we’ve accomplished recently and reading new pieces of work. We’re a congenial bunch, by and large, and diverse in our interests and compositions, our backgrounds mirroring a cross-section of the region’s population. We write fiction, memoirs and other non-fiction, short stories, poetry—all in a wide variety of genres.

Why do we want to be here? Don’t writers live in some sort of self-imposed isolation like hermits? Some do, I suppose, but not this bunch. These raconteurs have discovered the value of reading our drafts to our peers for critical feedback. After all the other business of the chapter has been squared away, copies of our work come out of folders and migrate around the table, and one by one (if we so choose on that particular morning)– we read a few minutes’ worth of our scripts while the rest carefully follow and make notes. In the discussion that ensues, each reader receives advice and feedback, and may see–for the first time–some of the potentials for improvement. What each of us does with these critiques becomes plain when we return with new work: thoughts follow sequentially or surprise with a new twist, narrative quickens, dialog spices the stories and the writer’s intent becomes clearer than it was.

We note with excitement and applause as beginning writers gradually find and hone their creative muses; and as other oft-published authors gain a reader’s perspective from our newest drafts–again, working toward an even higher level of storytelling.

After visiting a couple of times, you can decide whether this group is a fit for you, whether this is your place in the writing sun.

Come join us.



Bonnie Graham McDade

Deborah Elster
Vice President

Jane Roach

Michael Jacobson



Kathleen Clayton

Foster Cline